When I was a teen we lived in an apartment complex down in GA. There was a really cool older guy named Dennis who was pretty nice to us kids, and everyone liked him. He worked for the railroad.


For some reason, I liked the Chevrolet Monza from that period, and dreamed of buying one (I had just gotten my learners lic.) and there happened to be one down in the lower section of the complex. I’d stop and look at it from time to time. I just liked it. The car was owned by  a girl who was probably in her lower 20s. A very pretty girl. Dennis and the girl wound up being a thing. She was head over heels for him.


One day, some of the other teen guys and I were hanging with Dennis, and I mentioned how pretty the girl was, and Dennis said “She’s nothing. I’ve got better looking ones in every town”.

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A song about love calling you back.


This is a song that we started in about 1985.


I had one roughly fleshed out verse for it, that laid the foundation for the subject. We always loved playing the guitar lick that became the chorus, but we weren’t sure what to do with it until about 10 years ago when I finally figured out a way to work a melody over it.


Dave Demarco did the bass, Jason Meekins is on Drums, and David Sancious did the keyboards for us. David also did the ethereal guitar licks also.

We hope you enjoy it.


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After a long journey I was finally able to mix “Butterfly”. For some reason this mix fought me hard the whole way.


Although the lyrics in the verses are not exactly upbeat, the choruses and the music are and dancing seemed appropriate for the video. So here you go. There are a couple quick shots of my niece’s daughter dancing in the middle, that make it special for us.


We’d like to thank David Sancious, Dave Demarco, Jason Meekins, and Larry Salzman for their work.


Hope you enjoy the song and video.


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A smooth song with a thumpy bottom end.


I had somehow let guitar playing slowly slip from my life until my wife bought me a nice guitar for my birthday around 2010. I grabbed a little bit of recording gear, and started messing around with a bass guitar, and this song came out. It was kind of the start of my second obsession with playing and writing.


It’s changed a bit over the years, but I think I like it best with the percussion in this version.


Hope you like it.


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This song about a distant relative that happened many years ago.


She had had enough of an abusive relationship, and decided that she had to do something about the situation. The lyric change things slightly, but it is overall a true story, about a woman who took action and changed her destiny. The idea came when Cassie’s mom was telling the story and she said “She went and asked her daddy for a gun to kill a rat”.  How could you not use that line?


The video is split between the story, and studio video. Thanks to Jason Meekins, Cassie Russell, Dave Demarco, and Sean Grady for their performances.


We hope you enjoy the song and the video.


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“Say I Love You” is about a relationship gone stale, that just needs a nudge before it withers. Many of us know people in that situation.

So here is our first video attempt for an original song. It’s a learning process, using all stock video.

Hope you enjoy it, and please “like” it on you tube.

The song features:

Cassie Russell – Vocals

Dan Russell – Guitars, Backups

David Sancious – B3

Dave Demarco – Bass

Jason Meekins – Drums


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